6 Guiding Tenets

6 Guiding Tenets


We believe that Learning, Commerce, Creativity and Technology should be linked. Together they can unleash the greatest new discoveries.


We believe that high quality learning should be easily accessible to everyone wherever they are on the globe and whenever they want to learn.

Real World

Education and Learning should be rooted in the real world. When learners understand the real world application to anything in a way that personally impacts them, their acquisition of knowledge increases exponentially.

21st Century

We believe that traditional schools, universities, and corporations are failing our learners. People of all ages must be given both the content and the skills to understand the foundation of exponential technologies and how they can impact the world for good and ill.


The world is an interconnected place and therefore the traditional siloed approach to learning is outdated, uninspiring and insufficient. New inventions, unforeseen new creations, and the world’s grand challenges will be solved by approaching them from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.


Creativity and curiosity are the cornerstones of learning and inventions. It is only when people approach a challenge from a creative, non-traditional, and inquiry based perspective, that true innovation and the magic will occur.