Rob Lake, Founder

With close to 25 years experience as an educational leader, teacher and coach at 6 different world-class independent schools across North America, Rob is an expert in education, how people learn, what works and what doesn’t in terms of acquiring knowledge.  

He is an educational futurist and has written extensively about the future of education, the brain science behind how people learn, future trends in learning, and how emerging technologies will impact how people learn. 

His focus is not just on schools, but he is a leader understanding the potential impact of converging technology, learning, and business.


B.A. Williams College '91
English Literature 100%
M.A.L.S. Dartmouth College '05
Interdisciplinary English History 100%
M.I.T. Sloan School of Management '17
Artificial Intelligence 100%
Head-Royce School '10-'16
Headmaster 100%
Collingwood School '16-'18
Headmaster 100%
Public Speaking
Experience 90%
Blogs, Articles, Book 90%